Curtis Widmer: I Want To Be The Best

curtis widmer


Curtis ‘The Farmer’ Widmer 4-1 is the next big thing in the
Middleweight Division and this Saturday he is taking on Keith Ellis 6-4 on
Fusion Fighting Championship.  There is a great night of fights lined up and we caught up with Curtis to find out a little bit more about him and what we can expect.


Fighting out of Nova Forca, Curtis says it is a fantastic place with a great
atmosphere with top level coaching and lots of very good fighters.  He really enjoys training there with a great team behind him helping him in all aspects of MMA.


Curtis found martial arts at the young age of four when he started training in
Judo.  He trained and competed in this discipline until he was eleven years old so gained a lot of experience over his younger years.  He has always been a very competitive individual and MMA is a very versatile sport which is one of the things that attracted him to start training in MMA.  He has been training for many years now but doesn’t have anyone he particularly looks up to but rather concentrates his time on being the best that he can be.


Making his debut against Joe Cooper (April 2013) was a very tough fight for Curtis which helped him determine what level he was at.  Being able to beat someone like Joe was a big confidence boost and it motivated Curtis to keep training hard.


The first loss that Curtis took was against Matt Hallam and he came into the fight with an injury although he does point out that he isn’t using that as an excuse for the loss.  He went in there with the wrong game plan and didn’t fight to his strengths.  He felt the loss was a blessing in disguise and that it has made him a much better fighter because of it.


Curtis is a good all round fighter who trains hard in all aspects of MMA so he feels 100% comfortable wherever the fight takes place, be it on the floor or in the stand up.


On Saturday at Fusion, Curtis takes on Keith Ellis who he knows is an
experienced fighter who is strong in all areas.  Curtis’ training regime hasn’t changed, he is still training the same as he always does leading up to a fight and making sure he is prepared in all areas.


Curtis is fast becoming one to be reckoned with in the Middleweight Division; people are sitting up and taking notice of him.  Mogul Management is 100% behind him and has the confidence in his abilities; “he will make it all the way”.
Being a humble guy Curtis is pleased that he has so many who believe in him but he does not let this distract him from his work.


A true professional, Curtis is only interested in taking fights that will see him climb up the rankings (currently ranked 19th in the UK).  He doesn’t feel the need to call anyone out or have anyone that really peaks his interest.  He fights who he is matched with and is looking to add to his current two fight win streak this Saturday on Fusion.


His long term goals in MMA are to be the best Martial Artist he can be and to go as far as he is able to in the sport. Looking at the short term, he predicts a tough fight this Saturday with only his hand being raised at the end of it.


Fusion Fighting Championship Fight Night is this Saturday June 13th at Epsom Racecourse.  Check


More information on Curtis follow his twitter page






Written by Suzy Athey, Senior Manager of Athlete Services at Mogul Management



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