The Return Of The King: Louis “KO” King Fights at Macto 1


Louis KO King 13-2 is back in the ring this Saturday fighting Romi Da Silva at Macto Championship in a catch weight (90kg) K1 fight.  Louis has been over in Bali for his training camp where he has trained with Bali Muay Thai and MMA Camp which he has thoroughly enjoyed.  When he has had days off from Muay Thai he has been working on his circuits and strength and conditioning so is more than ready for Saturday night.

“I have covered all areas and now I am back in the UK I have been working on my Kickboxing, CV work and Strength”

Louis is now a father of a beautiful little girl and when she first arrived he found it tough as he never wanted to leave her or his lady Mimi.  What with working and dealing with no sleep it was hard to get as much training in but now his daughter is two years old things are getting easier.

“I am getting in loads of training in the evening plus working in the day so it is all good.  The only downfall is that I don’t get to see my daughter much unless it is at the weekends”

Louis is well known in the world of K1 and MMA for his explosive power but his actual fighting has been slow recently due to life behind the scenes.  He will now be fighting in both MMA and K1 a lot more.  He prefers the K1 side of fighting as it is where he started out and feels it is where he will finish.  He loves to stand and bang but likes the MMA side as he has to think a lot more.

I love fighting, it is something that has been a part of me for a long time; something I know I can achieve a lot in and learn a lot from.  It’s in my blood and I am just looking to aim high and hit the stars one day”

With a record of 13-2, Louis will always be known as the KO King but every champion takes a fall and Louis remembers losing his first fight and how it felt.  It messed with his head, not because he lost but because he knew he could of won.  He didn’t train properly and didn’t do a proper camp leading up to the fight and also had a lot going on in his head so really shouldn’t have fought.  He had been out of fighting for a year and just wasn’t ready.


“I learned a lot from the fight; one thing being never fight unless you are completely ready.  That doesn’t mean being 100% that means being ready to fight and wanting to.  People lose fights off bad decisions and too much pride”.

Louis enjoyed his time in Bali on a family holiday but needed to find a place to train.  Bali Muay Thai and MMA Camp was definitely the place to be.  It was an awesome atmosphere for Louis and everyone worked hard every day in the scorching heat.

“It was just the right place to be with the right guys.  Every day we used to hit the pads then do some sparring, then hit heavy bags; it was intense but that is what I love.  I highly recommend it to anyone”.

Macto Championship is a relatively new show that is going places and Louis is excited to be on the card.

“I am looking forward to fighting on Macto Championship, it is heading to be one of the best shows in the UK and I am glad to be on the first one of many”

Louis doesn’t know, or isn’t saying too much about what he knows of Romi Da Silva,  But he is looking forward to an explosive fight.

“I want a good fight.  But one thing I am not going to do is leave there without the win”

Anyone who knows the King’s know they are a tight knit family who are supportive of each other in everything they do.  Whenever a King is fighting there is always a tremendous atmosphere.

“I have lots of loyal supporters, some can make every fight and some support from home but I know whether they are there on the night or at home that I have the support with me.  You will always hear my supporters and I always hear my crowd when I walk in.  I use that energy and take it in with me but once the door shuts, it is all business”

We are sure this is going to be a fantastic fight, full of action.  Louis is determined to get the win and get back to his KO King ways.





Written by Suzy Athey, Senior Manager of Athlete Services at Mogul Management



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