Mogul Fight Management announce landmark partnership with Bonsai Biotics

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Mogul Fight Management and Bonsai Biotics have agreed on a deal which will see their athletes gain the best training and support from the market leader in natural based supplements.

Over the next 12 months, Mogul Fight Management and Bonsai Biotics will be working together to broaden their research in both athlete and product development. Their fighters will receive high quality vegan based supplements to aid their training regime.

“Being at the forefront of athlete management means that we need to make sure that our athletes,
who are at the top of the game, know what they are consuming. The supplements coming from
Bonsai Biotics comply with both WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and VADA (Voluntary Anti-
Doping Agency), so our athletes can take their supplements knowing they are putting the best
natural ingredients into their bodies with 100% confidence”. Said Sidni Deans, director of talent
relations at Mogul Fight Management.

“I’m always happy to gain support for our athletes, I feel like the hard work they put it gets true
recognition when a company as innovative as Bonsai Biotics is looking to get behind us in such a

Bonsai Biotics provide natural based supplements formulated by pharmacists, using the finest vegan-friendly ingredients to produce a product that is as innate as possible. Their range includes supplements suitable for diet, nutrition, weight loss, sports performance and lifestyle. And with the omission of proprietary formulas, synthetic vitamins and minerals, you can be assured you are receiving the most natural and effective supplement possible.

“At Bonsai Biotics, our aim has always been to produce the most effective and natural plant based
supplements possible, whilst staying true to our pharmaceutical background”. Said Mik Chahal,
director of Bonsai Biotics Ltd.

“We are thrilled to be forming a partnership with Mogul Fight Management and to become the
recommended supplement company to their athletes”.

Athletes under Mogul Fight Management have already benefitted from the partnership and will continue to do so over the next 12 months. Chahal said:

“To have a world class MMA fighter like Alex Lohore using our supplements in his
training regime is unreal, he has seen the benefits almost immediately. With the partnership, we
hope that all the athletes under Mogul Fight Management are going to benefit from the great
supplements formulated by our pharmacists, just like Alex”.



Written by Toby Clarke



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