Przemyslaw “Misiek” Mysiala: I Will Go For As Big A Finish As Possible

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Prezemyslaw ‘Misiek’ Mysiala is fighting this weekend on Animalistic MMA against James Hurrell.  We caught up with Misiek to ask him how things have been going for him and how he is looking forward and indeed preparing for Saturday night.

Misiek had a pretty nasty car crash and has been out of fighting for a while recovering but he is now fully recovered and ready to get back to winning ways.

“I am lucky nothing major happened to me”

Misiek has been unlucky with a lot of pull outs over the years and finds it frustrating because he invests so much time and focus and also money and makes sacrifices only to find one or two days before that the fight is off.

“No one does anything about pull outs so it is very frustrating but now I am getting more professional opponents who won’t pull out of the fight without good reason”

Before injuries and problems saw Misiek unable to fight he was the Number 1 in the Light Heavyweight Division and is right on track to get back to that spot.  He has certainly evolved as a fighter and feels that change in MMA is a good thing.  Travelling around and getting more knowledge helps you not to stay in the same spot.

“I have been to different gyms and had different training partners and coaches and it has really helped me”

Back in 2013 Misiek headlined against King Mo on Bellator but says he didn’t really like the set up.  He was working 12 hours a day and it was just pointless.  He felt he was in very deep water against King Mo.

“If they gave me more time over there I would have been good after a few fights”

Fighting on Animalistic MMA, Misiek is looking forward to fighting on a good promotion against a great opponent.

“James is a good fighter and it will be a great fight”

James has a record of 7-4 and seems to favour the stand-up game by winning a lot of his fights by TKO/KO.  Misiek has a pretty balanced win ration of KO/TKO to Submission.  But he is more than happy to fight wherever it goes.  He knows James is a supporter of the stand up and that he is a grappler so obviously wants to go down but he has been practising his stand up and is ready for everything and wants to as always, finish the fight as soon as possible.

“I am not scared to exchange with him”

Preparation for James has seen Misiek watching a few of his fights and he sees a massive guy with long arms and heavy punches.  He believes James will want to keep it standing as per his usual style but Misiek is happy to keep it standing or go to the ground.

Having a lot of experience in MMA always helps you.  Misiek feels he is calmer before a fight but the stress and everything is always the same.  During the fight, sometimes experience can mean you miss things because you think you have seen a lot more.

“The feeling before a fight never changes and I think my experience will help me”

Misiek is confident he is going to win this fight and then being hotly tipped, move on to the next and get back to that number 1 spot.  He feels more motivated having such a great support from his management and also his friends and family, especially his girlfriend and his kids.  The support, backing and belief motivate him and give him more reason to train harder and do well.

“I will try and finish this fight and I will go for as big a finish as possible”

Friday night is looking like it is going to be a war between two big guys.  But looking beyond the fight Misiek plans to train in different places and get better and better.

“I have a few plans to make my goal which is to fight on the big stage on the big shows again”





Written by Suzy Athey, Senior Manager of Athlete Services at Mogul Management



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