Damian Frankiewicz: I’m Brought In As A Villain And I Will Be Ruthless


Damian Pawel Frankiewicz will be fighting on BAMMA this weekend.  Damian is 4-0 in MMA and goes by the nickname   “Delivery Man”.  This is a nickname given to him by his head coach because Damian works delivering pizza by motorbike but he can also deliver defeats in the cage.  In Spanish “Repartidor” has a double meaning so for his coach it is funny and will hopefully help to get him more sponsors he says with a little laugh.  Damian hasn’t decided 100% if this is the nickname he wants but we think it is a pretty original one that works well.

Fighting out of Artesport Gym in Palma de Mallorca, Damian fights and trains for himself, his family, his country, his team mates, his coaches and also for his gym.  He fights with different teams such as GFF/Crazy Team but the coaches come from different places.  Ramon Clemente BJJ expert under Philippe Loubet; Kike the Wrestling Coach from Principes de Espana Wrestling Team and Papito the Muay Thai coach who comes from the Meng-Ho.  His head coach Yan is trying to unite people from different schools in order to have the best possible teachers.

Damian is dreaming of becoming a champion but in his day to day life he enjoys training and fights as much as he can and feels happy with his performance and the improvements he is making.  He is taking it step by step to get as far as he possibly can.   Damian started out training in Wrestling with the Balearic Competition Team.  It was there that he met his head coach who was also training there sometimes to improve his performance for MMA.  They started talking about MMA and Damian felt really interested.  Due to his nationality Damian was told he could not compete in Wrestling for Spain so he made the decision to change sport.  Liking a challenge, Damien knew that in order to compete in MMA he must work in all aspects physically and mentally, internally and externally and to be in constant evolution so he knew this was the sport for him.

Most fighters who have an undefeated record do not feel any added pressure when they step into the cage but for Damian, records are important due to the fact he lives on an island and therefore does not find it easy to get fights near home, he feels that it is only the record and your profile that matters so he does feel the pressure and tries to use it to push him forward when things are going wrong.  It is hard to find opponents in the Spanish MMA business so he always looks overseas for opportunities to fight.   Damian is a well-rounded fighter but feels his base comes from wrestling and this Saturday he is fighting on the BAMMA promotion .  He cannot wait to go back on BAMMA as it is a great organisation with good fighters.  Damian is grateful to Sid from Mogul Management and BAMMA for giving him the opportunity to be part of a fantastic show.

The last time he appeared on BAMMA in Blackpool, Damian caused an upset by beating the home favourite.  He finds it hard when the people around want you to lose but it is also hard when your opponent’s family and friends are cheering him on and expecting a win.  At the end of the day it is a show and he is the villain trying to defeat the hero and hopes that he will once again be the ruthless villain who maybe one day will become the hero.

Mike Grundy 3-1 is facing Damian on Saturday and he is a great athlete with a high level of wrestling who uses it very effectively inside the cage.  He controls fights with constant pressure and finishes guys easily. Mike fights out of Team Kaobon who are a well-known MMA team famous around the world.  Damian is ready to fight him everywhere and is also ready to decide where he wants the fight to play out.
Having accepted the fight on ten days notice, it isn’t enough time to set a proper game plan or to prepare fully but he has the necessary tools to win the fight and expects to use the right tool at the exact right moment.  He expects a tough fight but will not predict how the fight will play out.  His coach however always writes down his prediction and will not show it to Damian until the end of the fight and so far he has always been accurate.

There is no particular person that Damian wants to fight; every fight is a test to tell him what level he is at and what he needs to do to improve.  He will fight anyone to keep getting better but only wants to fight the best because that will mean he is one of the best and his ultimate goal is to be the best of the best.
This is sounding like a great match-up and a potentially thrilling fight which should not be missed.  For more information please visit www.bamma.com




Written by Suzy Athey, Senior Manager of Athlete Services at Mogul Management



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