Chi Lewis Parry Wins at One FC In Taiwan: Moves to 6-0


Look back to the week commencing Monday July 7th and it was an exciting time for Heavyweight fighter Chi Lewis Parry.  He was heading out to Taipei to fight

Alain Ngalani in the much anticipated re-match on OneFC. 

 The first encounter ended with a low blow causing the fight to be deemed a No Contest, a very disappointing outcome for everyone involved.  But on short notice, Chi was on his way to take on Ngalani again and was very much looking forward to it.

 A long plane journey, made to feel even longer for the giant Chi but it was well worth it.  Chi took the win at 4m7s of the very first round by TKO, dishing out vicious elbows in a Ground & Pound assault.  This win takes Chi’s undefeated record to 6-0 and he is hungry for more.


I caught up with Chi this week to find out all about fight night from his eyes starting off with how the actual fight went.

 “The fight went to plan.  I stayed aggressive in the stand-up exchanges and pressed forward.  I stayed calm on the ground and executed with intent to finish once I had top position”.


Compared to the first fight, I wondered if Chi felt any different walking in to the cage.

 “I felt a thousand times more comfortable.  This whole experience was a lot more relaxing for me this time round.  I had got the whole first experience nerves well and truly out of the way so I felt unstoppable if I am honest”.


I also wanted to know how Ngalani felt as an opponent.  Was he tougher than expected?

 “Alain was dangerous everywhere but always respectful, before and after.  He surprised me with a judo trip which I should have respected more considering he is a high level judo player”.


With all the hype and anticipation for this rematch, was Chi expecting to finish the fight in the first round or did he see it going into the later rounds?

 “I did expect a first round finish.  I always expect to finish fights in the first round.  I am just not fussed if it goes the distance.  I am comfortable past round one when most people aren’t”.


So with an undefeated record, Chi must have his eye on a new opponent.

“Honestly, I feel it makes sense that me and Cheng duke it out for the title.  Amongst the influx of new fighters in the division, it is only Cheng and myself that have fought twice for the promotion and we both hold no losses.  Vera will need to rack up a win first in order to get a shot, the same as McSweeney.  I think the only thing that makes sense is Me v Cheng for the title, then the winner of Vera/McSweeney gets the shot.  However, I am like a kid in a sweet shop, I’d love to fight Vera”!


So with a nice 6-0 to his name and the excitement dying down after the win, what is Chi up to at the moment?

 “I am relaxing for a bit now and spending some time with my family and then I will be back on the horse before long”.


I can’t wait for the next one as I am sure all the ‘Chopper’ fans can’t.  Thanks to Chi for taking the time to have a word with me and to close he would like to thank the following people.

 “I have received an unbelievable amount of support over the last few months.  People I don’t really know have expressed heartfelt support.  I want to give a very special thank you to Mike Gadsby.  This man went out of his way to help me reach across the pond to see my little man.  Kindness like that is never forgotten.  Thank you sir”!




Written by Suzy Athey, Senior Manager of Athlete Services at Mogul Management




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