Ring Girl of the week: getting to know Simone Edwards


Every now and then along comes a girl of such beauty she’s hard to forget. Simone Edwards is definitely one of those girls.  Not only is she beautiful she’s also a very nice, relaxed down to earth girl.  This week we get to look into her personality a little bit and give you readers that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Simone in person, the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about her and where you can see her in the future.





Name:  Simone Edwards

Age:  24

Measurements:  32, 37, 33

Height:  5ft6

Nationality:  British

Location:  London


Hi Simone Welcome to MMG TV, We are a new media company but we’re already creating quite a buzz on the internet and have had some great people already appear on our channel. How does it feel to be  the first ring girl on MMG TV?


I feel very honoured!


We hear you are London’s hottest property right now?


Oh I don’t know about that!!


Do you come from a modelling background? Does working the cage come easy to you or do the big crowds and atmosphere make you nervous?


I have been modelling for a few years now and from that I fell into ring girling at UCMMA when I was 18. I absolutely love working the cage and buzz off the atmosphere at the events I work at.


Do you have any funny stories from the shows you have worked for?


There’s far too many to mention!! I always have such a laugh at UCMMA with the crowds and with the girls I’m working with. We are always getting up to some sort of mischief!


What are you thoughts on MMA and how its popularity has exploded in the last few years?


Before my first job working as a ring girl I was a bit worried about what I was going to witness but I actually fell in love with MMA. It’s a real mans sport and after getting to know different fighters you realise just how hard they train and how passionate they are.


What about your own training? Does your figure mean hours in the gym?


I’m not going to lie I used to go to the gym quite a lot but I’ve recently got a bit lazy! But my other job is a professional dancer so that keeps me quite fit.


Do you have a favorite fighter? (if not from uk) do you have a favorite UK fighter?


I have a few! I wouldn’t feel right picking just one as most of them are my friends now!


What goals would you like to achieve in the mma industry or modelling industry? and what are your plans for the future?


I hope I get to ring girl for Maria Countessa’s Ring Belles and UCMMA events for a few more years as I absolutely love it. And in terms of the future I’m not really sure! As long as I’m happy!!


Where can fans see more of you?


I have a twitter which is @simoneedwards






what did you want to be when you were growing up?

 A barmaid!

 Apart form underwear and lip gloss, what do you never leave the house without?

 My phone. I’m on it all the time.

 Favorite TV show?

 Hate to say it but probably TOWIE.

 Dream job?

 Something where I get paid to eat!

 Any holidays planned?


 Any pets?


 Night out on the town or the sofa at home?

 Out on the town

 Favorite place to party?

London of course!

 Last movie you saw?

Can’t remember!

 Tune that always gets you dancing?

 Drop it like its hot!

 Hottest guy on the planet?

Ryan Gosling

 Hottest girl on the planet?

This ones hard!! Kim K for me at the moment!

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 Thanks a lot for your time Simone and we look forward to having you on MMG TV again in the future.  If you would like to keep up to date with what Simone is up to  follow her on twitter www.twitter.com/simoneedwards




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